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All of the US's and Britain's designer clothing industries are watching London's Week of Fashion this year to see what London has plans for the well-to-do Britons to wear this coming fall and winter.? Of course, the US will have their own plans, but they usually bounce their ideas off Britain's Week of Fashion, and American travellers will not look out of place or shiver too much while looking at Big Ben or the Thames and treading gently through the snow.? So what are the industries doing for this Future of Fashion week?,Taking about fashion, New York is not doubt that big huge. However, on the other hemisphere London an ancient city in which people says almost the same language truly embrace it awkward situation. Talking about designers, there are Alexander McQueen, Sara Berman, Christopher Shannon and John Richmond and so many famous fashion designers. Dorothy Perkins, Coast, Burton and Ben Sherman these famous fashion labels in London also play an important role in the world. As to online shop business, there are still some brilliant shops like dresshop, dress.vponsale and instylegirls. In fact, girls in UK are so sincere when facing to dresses. They would like to buy dresses based on their own countries. Based on that, many designers and shops try their best to create labels with British feelings. J.W. Anderson shows his idea of argyle knits and black patent mac on London fashion week 2014, which seems to want to compare with Louis Vuitton's yellow plaid suits. Collaborating with Topshop makes his brand go abroad. That's another example admitting UK's own brand and idea. Another designer who makes contribution to make UK more shining is Jane Shepherdson who left Topshop but to take over her limited edition career. She seems to like to play a great deal on leather on woman's suits or seems to bring us to tomboy time. Leather skirts, denim leather jacket and leather pants are her conception and our treasure too.,Fashion design combines design and aesthetics to clothes and accessories. It can be influenced by almost anything. In fact, the reason why most fashion designers wear what appears to be a uniform, is because they are so busy looking around themselves to find inspiration to spend a ton of time on their own wardrobes. In that sense, fashion designers are like architects, they're like painters or filmmakers, with their creative minds constantly wandering. "moncler gillet
Moncler Outlet UK Christian Louboutin Shoes "christian louboutin pigalle spikes You just can't get the better of the Indian fashion frat, can you? Little had the dust settled over the shocking arrest of Vijay Singh of FDPC that speculations have risen again! With FDCI's Van Heusen India Men's Fashion Week slated for Sep 11-13 and the FDPC's India Fashion & Design Week scheduled for Oct 23-27; one thing is sure guys- the idea of one fashion week in the capital has been thrown out of the nearest window! There's more, the grapevine has it, Wills India Fashion Week will be held in Delhi from Oct 25-29, which, if true, means that we are back to square one, or square three, if I may say. In a strong letter sent out to all designer members on Monday this week, the FDCI categorically stated 'We are unaware of how the FDPC will now proceed. At the same time we have the responsibility of conducting a successful Fashion Week. Therefore, we will be shortly announcing the dates for WIFW in October and venue in New Delhi.'
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