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Do you guys like to watch the fashion news on the TV, such as Fashion week spring/summer 2014 shows, or the fashion magazines? Maybe many women will say yes, but now, walking on the street, you may have a strong possibility to meet a fashionable boy or man with beyond glaring or exaggerated outfit, why? More and more men are paying lots of attentions on the dressing, which means the physical appearance, especially the famous actors, as far as we know. So not only the women fashion trend is eye-catching, but also the men fashion trends. Now we are at the beginning of 2014, as the seasons changes, the fashion trend may change, hence, keeping up with 2014 men fashion trends is not a moment to be lost particularly for the professionals, as fashion trend indicates that which one is going to be a continuation in the next year for the people.,In the hilly Rwandan capital of Kigali, 300 female survivors of the 1994 mass violence are stitching kanga cloth into cocktail dresses for Anthropologie stores and crafting braided banana-leaf bangles for Nicole Miller and Ralph Lauren. Similar women's cooperatives have opened in the capitals of Uganda, Ghana and Ethiopia, all part of a recent push to bring African fashion �� garments that are made by Africans �� into high-end American stores. cocktail dresses,All of the US's and Britain's designer clothing industries are watching London's Week of Fashion this year to see what London has plans for the well-to-do Britons to wear this coming fall and winter.? Of course, the US will have their own plans, but they usually bounce their ideas off Britain's Week of Fashion, and American travellers will not look out of place or shiver too much while looking at Big Ben or the Thames and treading gently through the snow.? So what are the industries doing for this Future of Fashion week? "used christian louboutin
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