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We all know fashion week, like many runway shows, helps to showcase a designer's creativity and inspiration. Simply put, you'd rarely find yourself ordering a fashion week ensemble for day wear. These shows are an exaggeration of style and design and take clothing, hair and makeup far into the realm of fantasy. While we agree that looking like Lady Gaga is meant for a time and a place, many of these shows do spark inspiration in our everyday style choices. So what can we expect to see this fall in terms of fabulous hair styles?,USA International Fashion Shows has partnered with New York City restaurant La Prima Donna to present the Martini Fashion Dinner and Champagne Fashion Brunch series of shows. Martini Fashion Dinners are held on selected Monday evenings and Champagne Fashion Brunches take place on selected Sunday afternoons.,Hug Holiday Week is from 1St May to 7th May 2014. Pamper your loved ones by taking them in your arms and giving them a warm squeeze. Convey your love to your friends, family and loved ones and make them feel special with DISH Network Channels in HD that include CENTRIC, Shorts HD, Fashion TV, LOGO, Palladia, MAV TV, HD Theater, HD Net Movies, Universal HD, Crime & Investigation Network, World Fishing Network, etc. "christian louboutin black pumps
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