gucci man in jail Shop the new designer fashion collection online., fast free shipping and no taxes this season! jimmy choo shoes outlet ted baker perfume I thought there was a market and I might as well take the risk, she says. Davies set up a website and started completing the smaller jobs that she was attracting using the Roland printer she had purchased. "After three or four weeks, I had committed clients who were placing repeat orders for our digital dye sublimation; printing to paper and then, heat transferring to fabric," she says.Davies identified swimwear labels as her key target market and also chose to offer a fabric design service as part of the fledgling business. These choices are beginning to pay dividends. The business is about to move into new premises in the same Sydney suburb of Caringbah after Davies purchased a second Roland machine due to the growing demand. Swimwear niche. Four of the company's five major clients are swimwear businesses. Davies is convinced swimwear holds significant potential for local printing as a number of businesses continue to produce these garments in Australia. "Everyone who prints here, who uses our service, is making their swimwear in Australia," she says. And she cites building relationships with students as important for the future of the company. "Students will go into the industry and can become our contacts," she says. "We might print their final range for them and then, they'll be working somewhere next year and might think about us."As well as catering to the major clients that operate medium-sized businesses, she continues to work with smaller customers who request one-off printing or short runs.And she is convinced that issues surrounding quality offshore are convincing swimwear labels to retain their printing in Australia. Davies recounts stories she has heard of offshore printers providing fabrics in non-matching colours, particularly for bulk stock. "The Lycra? companies come up with their colours for the season and the designers want to match them," she says. Fashion News A variety of swimwear labels have been seeking out the skills Davies brings to fabric design. "They give me the ideas and I translate them," she says. "We can do technical designs if required and we can prepare packages they can use for their makers."

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